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Cruise Sails Overview

These sails are world-class inshore cruising sails, designed to handle additional use offshore as well. When coupled with our Tradewinds Specification option, they are truly the best value cruising sail in the market today. We utilize the very latest in Challenge and Contender woven Dacron fabric matched specifically to the type of sail, and also the type of sailing you will do as well. This is critical; as the design and construction of any given woven fabric and in any weight can be very different and this should be matched to the type of sailing you do you, should it be weekend sailing or planning an extended trip to southern latitudes.

The 3-Dimensional CAD/CAM design elements remain as progressive as out upper tier sails and the attention to detail and finishing specifications are what you have come to expect from Neil Pryde Sails. Your Neil Pryde agent will help you to navigate you through the myriad of fabrics narrowing down the range to the few fabrics that truly fit your needs and budget.

Many of the standard features include:

  • Cross-cut construction
  • Block patches
  • Heavy gauge aluminum headboards with stainless steel liners and hand–sewn metal slug(s) or slide(s) depending on application
  • Conventional length battens
  • Challenge High Modulus or Contender SuperCruise fabrics, depending on application
  • Luff and foot attachments attached with hand–sewn webbing
  • Reef rings are stainless steel/composite pressed rings
  • Corner rings are webbed Stainless Steel external rings with leather chafe guards.
  • Batten pockets finished with our Internal Velcro system
  • All seams will have 2 to 3 rows of 3-step stitching, depending on size.
  • Polyester or Vectran Leechline.
  • Tell-tales at each batten pocket.
  • Heavy Duty sail bag

PDF Specification Guides for Cruise Sails: pdfOverview137.68 KB, pdfMainsail80.17 KB, pdfRadial Cut Mainsail126.96 KB, pdfFull Batten Mainsail84.1 KB, pdfSemi-Full Batten Mainsail81.16 KB, pdfPBF Vertical Battened Furling Mainsail134.51 KB, pdfR-Furling Mainsail62.91 KB, pdfHeadsail73.84 KB, pdfR-Furling Headsail75.89 KB, and pdfRadial Cut Furling Headsail64.01 KB