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Beneteau 22: ASA sail training boat

beneteau22From following is a link to a youtube video Beneteau produced showing their new 22 footer designed as an American Sailing Association (ASA) sail training boat. The new boat is in production at the USA at Beneteau factory in Marion, South Carolina. Some of its features include a cockpit designed to give students and instructors more room, with a rig specifically for sail training. Ergonomic and safety innovations ensure that every sail is comfortable and safe. 

Bob Pattison of Neil Pryde Sails  worked with Eric Ingouf, director of Group Beneteau's First Series yacht division on this project. Bob went to France to test the prototype sails last summer and the boat was introduced to the public at the Annapolis boat show.

Neil Pryde sails are supplied with all the production Beneteau 22's, and we now working with Beneteau France on the sails for a new Beneteau 25' model.