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O'Day Spinnaker Layouts

You will find below PDF files for each of the cruising spinnaker layouts. These can be printed out in order to facilitate color selection for the Cruising spinnakers. If you have a color printer, the color swatches will be rendered as well. You can also colour like panel layouts on our website here!

Also we have here the perfect introduction on how to rig, set, fly and douse a cruising spinnaker. In PDF.

Individual Panel Layouts for some of the most popular styles.
(Please contact us if your boat is not listed here)

Cruising Spinnakers

Symmetrical (Conventional) Spinnakers


All of our spinnakers are available in the wide range of colors shown. Panel layouts can be colored online here.

O'Day Spinnaker Layouts

General rules in color selection are:

1. Colors are approximate representations. Shades and values may differ based on monitor type and printer types as well as from lot to lot from the supplier.

2. Fluorescent tend to fade in use and have shade differences even when new.

3. We must have an even number of colors per section. The head section for instance could have two red panels…they could be symmetrically place or not…the key is having an even number of each color

All colors are available in .75oz and 1.5oz.