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Racing Sails Overview

These sails represent the very latest in materials, construction, materials and design theory as they apply to our Grand Prix Racing Laminate sails, however they are constructed in woven Dacron in adherence to One Design Class rules or for customer preference.

We apply our design experience and the traditional values of sail craftsmanship to build the sails that will more than meet your expectations. No matter how exacting you are, when you tell us what you want from your racing sails, we listen. Our designers have a lifetime passion for racing. They have learned that there is no such thing as second best and they are as serious about helping you win as they are about winning themselves. To this end, we firmly believe that a racing sail should be ‘turn-key’, no hidden options, no frilly finishing. The sails are purpose built to race and perform. The following are all standard features.

  • Cross-cut and Radial Dacron Construction
  • Radial Patching System
  • Zipper sausage bags
  • Numbers, Draft-Stripes, Insignia
  • Shelf foot or loose foot, Cunningham, Flattening Reef
  • Maximum sizes under specific rules
  • All rings pressed or external stainless steel
  • Vectran ‘up and over’ leechline systems
  • Heavy Duty sail bag

PDF Specification Guides for Racing Sails pdfOverview103.21 KB, pdfMainsails85.19 KB, and pdfHeadsails65.81 KB