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logo drsailsThis product should be in every sailors repair kit for easy and permanent sail repairs while underway or shore side. Also, it is invaluable for racers and dinghy sailors at events that may not have access to sail repair shops.

This 25ml kit consists of a syringe with two components (A and B), with net contents of 25 ml, two single use mixing nozzles attached to the syringe, and the safety cap.

Properties: This is a flexible bonding product, which as you would expect is ideal for sails. It reaches 80% of its physical properties after 20-25 minutes of curing. And a 100% of its properties after 24 hours cure time. The working time at ambient temperature (22°C) is 8 min. Working temperatures range from -5 to 60° C. It bears a load of 200kg/cm2 at ambient temperature (22°C) after 20 to 25 minutes of curing.

The recommended shelf life of the product is 3 years.

drsails 25Use: In our testing we found it works really well on Dacron fabric and ideal if allowed to cure overnight. Racers will find that film to film bonds on racing sail repairs will be super strong and quick to make.

The key to this product is that it has great sheer strength, which is the loading we are most concerned with on sails and it will bond and cure underwater, so wet sails should not put you off repairing.

Note that this can be used on fiberglass, carbon, metal, wood, and wetsuits as well.

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Pricing / Quantity Information:
1 – 25ml repair kit: $37.00
Orders received by noon East Coast Standard time normally ship the same day.
Standard handling/shipping UPS Ground, Continental USA Only is $15.00
Other locations based on location and Delivery Method