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Spinnaker Color Selection

This page enables you to select the type of spinnaker based on the "J" measurement (mast to bow) of your boat and choose the color layout. Our color diagrams are quite accurate representations of the finished product, however, variations of panel widths (but not numbers of panels) will happen based on the aspect ratio of your rig. We will attempt to match your colors and design as close as possible. Colors you see here will vary depending on screen and printer output. These should be used for reference only. Fluorescent colors tend not to be U.V. colorfast and will fade more quickly than other colors.

One final note; as each color of fabric comes from a different roll of fabric and can vary slightly, we tend to emphasize the importance of a limited palate of colors to avoid differences between different colors. Given this, we believe that from a racing standpoint a single color would represent the best in performance.

Should you have ANY questions regarding the type of spinnaker or layout needed for your boat, please contact the your local Neil Pryde agent .

See a page of sample color layouts here

Instructions for pc users:

  1. Select the sail type of your choice and then based "J" measurement of your boat, select the appropriate file. Click on this file and select 'open file from current location'

  2. These are BMP files and fairly large. Once downloaded Windows will automatically run "Paint" or and equivalent graphics program.

  3. Once it has opened, select colors by using the Color Dropper tool Spinnaker Color Selection and selecting the color  from the color squares on screen. Next use the Paint Bucket tool Spinnaker Color Selection to 'pour' colors into each panel.

  4. Note: We must have an even number of colored panels, although symmetry is not important.

  5. Save the finished BMP file and email it as an attachment to your  local Neil Pryde Agent.