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Vectrix Membrane Overview

Our Vectrix Membrane sails are designed and built around new software technologies, which allow Neil Pryde to ‘string’ the flying membrane of the CAD-designed sails with a variety of yarn types and in patterns that match the loads generated throughout a particular sail type. This technology allows us to reduce the yarn density in low load areas of the sail and putting a higher yarn density only where it needs to be. This careful engineering result in lighter, stronger sails that have less deformation of the design shapes than conventional constructed sails.

This technology is seamlessly integrated with our design software, which allows the latest shapes and design philosophies of our designers to flow into this new technology. Vectrix sails are made using the latest Aramid and carbon fibers, strung on to U.V. stable films and sealed using two-sided laminators and ovens to produce exceptional film-to-film bonds. This construction will not delaminate, yet have an excellent hand or feel.

We offer 3 versions of this exciting product:

Aramid: Utilizing High-Modulus Aramid yarns throughout the membrane yields a value packed product with very good durability racing lifespan.

Aramid / Carbon: Utilizing High-Modulus Aramid yarns, coupled with High-Modulus Carbon yarns allows us to further improve the weight to strength ratio of the Aramid sails, yielding a lighter and better performing product.

Carbon: High-Modulus Carbon yarns coupled with High-Modulus Technora yarns provide us with the best weight to strength ratio of all the lay-ups. Intended for the highest end of our sport, this product represents our effort to push the envelope on constructions, layouts and finishing.


We apply our design experience and the traditional values of sail craftsmanship to build the sails that will more than meet your expectations. No matter how exacting you are, when you tell us what you want from your racing sails, we listen. Our designers have a lifetime passion for racing. They have learned that there is no such thing as second best and they are as serious about helping you win as they are about winning themselves. To this end, we firmly believe that a racing sail should be ‘turn-key’, no hidden options, no frilly finishing. The sails are purpose built to race and perform. The following PDF files detail sail features.

More Pictures: Additional photo's, here.

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