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Cruising Fantastic!

rollerThis new charter roller furling mainsail built for use in Puerto Rico exemplifies our continued push for excellence in manufacturing, materials and delivered product in all our sails.

Our goal was to produce a dacron sail that would be up to the rigors of charter use and at the same time return high level of performance over the life of the sail. And the owners were also looking to have something with quite a bit more pop than a conventional cross-cut sail, so we included their logo and nice bold draft-stripes to accentuate the performance nature of the sail. The UV cover is Sunbrella Charcoal for strong accent.

The furling main utilized the Challenge Sailcloth Warp-Drive fabric(10.11) throughout the sail. This material is not laminated, so there is no worry of mold or mildew issues, even in the warm humid waters of Puerto Rico and the patented technologies used to build this woven polyester sail allows us to engineer the sail in a tri-radial configuration for the ultimate in shape holding over the life of the sail. This means that the shape you see here, will be very close to the same shape years down the road, unlike a conventional cross-cut sail that begins to lose it's ability to retain the original design shape quickly in comparison.

Beautiful skies and warm waters not included.

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