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Brochures & Manuals

Here you will find a broad range of information that covers both broad and specific details about our sails as well as some things that are uniquely Neil Pryde.

All files are PDFs.

Neil Pryde General Product Brochures

Performance Cruising - Details our Cruise Plus line of sails in detail and also provides a very good overview of the Neil Pryde system...from customer to agent to manufacturing.

Racing Sails - Racing Sails Brochure

Roller Furling Headsail - A two-page overview of our Roller Furling Genoas

Cruising Spinnaker - A two-page overview of our cruising spinnaker

Full Batten Mainsail - A brief overview of the details and finishing of full length batten mainsails

Classic Sails - An overview of our traditional or Classic sails, gaff and others

Vertically Battened Furling Mainsails - An overview of this innovative product that brings both performance and a more traditional aesthetic to the In-Mast furling mainsail

Neil Pryde Specialty Items

Multi-Track Foam Luff System - Our own unique foam luff system designed to optimize the furling/reefing of headsails. We have been doing this system with great success since 1987

Tradewinds Specifications - A brief on our offshore and 'workboat' finishing specifications that provide the most rugged set of construction details in the industry today.

Tradewinds Luff Detail - Details the Tradewinds Luff finishing

Tradewinds Leech Detail - Details the Tradewinds Leech finishing

Tradewinds Batten Detail - Details the Tradewinds batten pocket finishing

Up & Over Leechline - Details the up and over leechline finishing

The Neil Pryde Sails Owners Manual

Introduction - Introduction and Warranty Information

Sail Designs - Sail Design and Trim Concepts

Terminology - Sailmaker Terminology

Mast and Rigging - Basic Rig Tuning

Tips - Tips, features and Sail Cleaning

White Papers

Cruising Spinnaker "How To Guide" Probably the most distributed article on the web...covering most everything you need to know about handling a cruising spinnaker

Roller Furling Headsail Trim Guide

Full or Partially Full Battens?

Overview of Mainsails

Offshore Mainsails

Furling Headsail Outline