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In conjunction with the Small Craft Advisor  / Duckworks and we are offering Pram sails designed to fit a variety of home built boats such as those designed by Warren Messer and Phil Bolger.
Warren Messer is a Seattle, Washington area designer and builder of small rowing, sailing, and fishing boats, using the plywood stitch and glue technique. His hull plans and how to build them stories can be seen at , with links listed there to several of his Flicr accounts, for the photos of the actual construction of the individual hulls.

And here is a pdfgreat piece by Warren on rigging the 64sqft sail226.57 KB.

Warren says: "I am very pleased to be associated with Neil Pryde in helping me create this sail for use with several of my small boat designs, and to all the help that Bob Pattison and the rest of the group have given me in the fine tuning and development of the Pram64 sail. I am looking forward to any future collaborations with Bob, and the Neil Pryde International organization."

These 3.9oz Tanbark Pram Sails are ideal for DIY boat builders and will fit a variety of rigs. We currently make 4 sizes that will cover a broad range of small boats and prams of all types.

Contact us directly for information or questions at: 203-375-2626

These sails can be purchased directly from the leading small boat authority and supplier:

Product Overview

Sails include battens and tell tales, luff eyelets and reefs where noted


    • 35sqft in Tanbark (includes window) pdfDimensions
    • 50sqft in Tanbark (includes reef) pdf Dimensions 
    • 65sqft in Tanbark (includes reef) pdfDimensions
    • 93sqft in Tanbark (includes reef)

Material Specifications

  • 3.8oz Polyester (Tanbark)
  • Brass attachment eyelets