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10,000 Days

gbwinter2Our sails end up in odd places and odd circumstances; the more so and you are more likely to find a sailor completely passionate about the sport as in the case of our friend Gordon.

Living in New England is not conducive to year round sailing but he has managed to log to date 9338 days of sailing going back to 1987 when he finished dead last in the 210 National Championships where he vowed to sail every day until he won. This works out to an incredible 291 days a year average and this in a place where 4 months of the year the high temperature is 40f / 4.4c for 4 months of the year.

His goal is hit the 10,000 days sailing next year and of course using his new Neil Pryde Bermuda Sunfish sail.

We think he'll make it!

Eight Bells for Dan Winters

We are sad to report the recent passing of Dan Winters. Dan, along with his wife Sam and son Bret joined the Neil Pryde group of yacht sail agents in the late 1980's. For those of you that didn't know, Dan Winters Sailmakers were based in Hampton, Virginia and serviced the southern Chesapeake Bay for over 40 years. Not only was Dan a talented sailmaker, but he was also honored for being a leading coach for collegiate sailing for many years. see link below:

Neil Pryde Sails on Southern Cross

scampNeil Pryde has worked closely with Howard Rice on his newest boat the Southern Cross and his latest voyage through southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego on a 12'/3.6m boat! You can follow this amazing adventure/voyage on Howard's blog:

The boat is the Scamp sailboat; plans and details for this home build boat can be found through our friends at:

The Scamp as normally configured has a single lug sail but for this voyage Howard has gone to a split rig or Gaff Yawl. This will give him much more flexibility in sail trim for balance and safety. We tailored the sails for the new rig design and built them in a rugged 6oz tanbark colored dacron.

As you would expect, the finishing of the sails was also on the rugged side with extra heavy threads and additional reinforcements throughout the sail. The tanbark is easy on the eyes when on the sea for long periods and we think looks great with the color scheme of the Southern Cross.

We wish Howard all the best and look forward to following the adventure.

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