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Neil Pryde Sails on Southern Cross

scampNeil Pryde has worked closely with Howard Rice on his newest boat the Southern Cross and his latest voyage through southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego on a 12'/3.6m boat! You can follow this amazing adventure/voyage on Howard's blog:

The boat is the Scamp sailboat; plans and details for this home build boat can be found through our friends at:

The Scamp as normally configured has a single lug sail but for this voyage Howard has gone to a split rig or Gaff Yawl. This will give him much more flexibility in sail trim for balance and safety. We tailored the sails for the new rig design and built them in a rugged 6oz tanbark colored dacron.

As you would expect, the finishing of the sails was also on the rugged side with extra heavy threads and additional reinforcements throughout the sail. The tanbark is easy on the eyes when on the sea for long periods and we think looks great with the color scheme of the Southern Cross.

We wish Howard all the best and look forward to following the adventure.

Neil Pryde Sails at J-24 Nationals

j24Jim Reichel our agent in Long Island checked in at the J-24 nationals, chartered an old boat and sailed it for the first time.

Learned a ton and beat all the 'local' boys.

Our new genoa was built right within ounces of the class minimum and had our new center release buckle hanks (no catching up the spinn sheets) and scored a lot of points on fit and finish. Well done Jim!

Neil Pryde Sails Partnership

oakcliffNeil Pryde Sails is proud to announce a partnership with Oakcliff Sailing a non-profit sailing and coaching center located in Oyster Bay, New York.

Our first order built during the winter, was to outfit their fleet of Match 40 racing sailboats with new spinnakers. Designed for racing but built to stand the rigors of use at this level, the sails are .75oz nylon, radially cut and with the addition of 1.5oz nylon in the high-load and high stress areas of the sails.

Oakcliff Sailing has summer training programs in inshore, offshore, high performance, onboard reporting, and match racing, and the center hosts weekly racing and race training for supporters. Led by former America’s Cup and Whitbread round the world racer Dawn Riley, Oakcliff trains athletes of the highest caliber on a variety of race boats in a variety of disciplines. With a complete live-in bunkhouse that can sleep up to 40, athletes have around-the-clock access to the facilities training center, sail loft, boatyard, and workshop. This America’s Cup style campus allows Oakcliff to produce complete sailors who are not only excellent racers but also proficient in a wide variety of industry skills from campaign management to sailmaking and composite work.

Check them out at: and on FB:

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