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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

Our current OEM business includes such notable accounts as: Beneteau, Fretus, Flying Tiger, Grand Harbor, Pixel, Hobie Cat Europe, Marieholm, Moana S.A.S., Stuart Marine, Sinek Yachts, Ta Yang, Ta Shing, Stephens Yachts, Tania Yachts, and Windrider and charter companies: The Moorings and Sunsail.


We work closely with our OEM clients to ensure manufacturing quality, design consensus, and delivery. With thrice weekly production reports and Federal Express/UPS tracking, we can concisely monitor order progress. This coupled with the use of E-mail keeps you posted and up to date.

Sails and More

We also work with the GSD or the General Products Division of Neil Pryde Sails, to make available other products for our OEM clients. These range in scope from seat covers, to high-tech specialty bags and everything in between. Products can be designed from scratch or you can provide us with proto-types or finish products to work from. These tend to be large orders, but we have done small runs of even 200 units, depending on the product. Contact us for details!


As part of the integration of computers and software within the marine industry, we work with many file formats to provide cross-company integration of CAD files. This coupled with our commitment to quality produces documents such as the one below... for each and every production sail. These are made available in hard copy or on disk to the OEM clients, giving them the ability to cross-check specifications and final product. With cross-platform products such as Acrobat, we can have same day turn-around on specification sheets and/or revisions, for your approval and records, reducing real time production time. These specification sheets can be and are used on the retail level as well, as a comprehensive sail guide for your customers records. For a more detailed version of the sheet below, you may download a PDF version here.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)