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O'Day General Information

oday1Neil Pryde Sails produced sails for O'Day and later Cal/O'Day from 1970 until the demise of the company in 1990. As such, we have an incredible data base of information on the sails for all the lines including original class rules and sail specs.

To this end we have endeavored to provide O'Day owners with a comprehensive page dedicated to supplying you with information regarding the products we have manufactured in the past as well as current replacement products. These pages include information on the sails, spinnaker panel layouts, our spinnaker user guide and pricing. See our list of agents to find the Neil Pryde Agent nearest you for service.

We hope that this current and always updated information will be of service to you. Everything on the following pages is formatted in Acrobat PDF. The PDF files are easily viewed and printed from up to-date Web Browsers.

Should you have any questions or if you have a boat that we've yet to put on our site, we'd like to hear from you and please check out our website for additional information and details on sails and products we provide.

Best Regards and good sailing, The Neil Pryde Design Team