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Sailing Club and School Sails

np sschol halfpageNeil Pryde Sails is committed to developing, designing, and manufacturing the very best, long lasting sails at an O.E.M. level pricing structure for the sailing school/club market. These sails are less expensive and much more durable than conventional sails in the marketplace.


The design emphasis comes from years of providing charter companies such as Sunsail, The Moorings, and other charter companies with products designed for hostile working environments…and the school/club market is every bit as demanding in this regard. Over the last 20 years we have built sails for universities, sailing schools, camps and yacht clubs. Working with the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, we have taken their broad "hands on" experience with the rigors of club use and devised a set of construction parameters that exceed every industry standard when it comes to sails of this type. This program is NOT static. We continually work to improve the sails in terms of construction and fabric types to ensure that we are building the product that best suits this rugged use.

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