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Dimension/Polyant Sailcloth

dp-2001At Neil Pryde, we use a wide variety of Dimension products. These include the coated square weave fabrics for use in One Design Classes and other small boat racing applications, such as J-22's and J-24's. We have used from the onset (in fact helped to create a demand and hence the development of) the Dimension Sport fabric line, which uses the industry unique "E"® style Kevlars and economically situated scrim fabric for use in a wide variety of racing boats from 36 feet in LOA on down.

The following outlines the company history and background for those not in the industry ...and their views on the current fabric vs. "molded" sail technology can be found here.

Dimension Corporate History

Dimension Sailcloth was founded in 1977 with the goal of producing the world's most advanced textiles for use on sailboats. During this time, fabric developed for use in sails was primarily tightly woven nylon and polyester coated with impregnated finishes. Dimension broke new ground with the development of laminated sailcloth that bonded loosely woven scrims encapsulated with two layers of polyester films. The Tri-Ply™ sailcloth style revolutionized the market and is still the forefront of sailcloth technology. As the market of "high tech" fabric exploded in the mid 1980's, Dimension moved towards manufacturing rather than converting their innovative fabrics. This production control enabled Dimension to become the sailcloth industry leader in a market that requires responsive service, extensive quality control, highly specialized products and constant distribution of technical information.

Dimension Sailcloth and Polyant were combined in 1991 by the Verseidag Group of Krefeld, Germany. Polyant is Europe's leading producer of sailcloth. Their extensive production facility in Kempen, Germany includes 55 looms and complete sailcloth finishing and laminating capabilities. The combined company, Dimension Polyant Sailcloth is the largest producer of performance engineered sailcloth in the world.

Dimension Polyant's U.S. production facility is located in Putnam, Connecticut. This state of the art, 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility was designed specifically for the production of high performance materials. This complete facility as well as our extensive experience in specialized textiles has increased our ability to service other industries.