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Storm Sails Overview

The idea of building storm sails to carry out their work in the worst conditions is one we do not take lightly. We have learned through the harsh realities of heavy weather sailing, the important aspects of construction and use of these sails.

To start: the O.R.C. required maximum areas for the storm jib (.05 IG 2 ) and the storm trysail (.175 (P*E)) produce sails that are too large in area for safe sailing in worst case scenarios. As a company policy we make our storm sails 25-30% smaller than these maximum areas. We utilize the very best in Challenge and Contender woven Dacron fabric for these sails and offer an International Distress Orange fabric as well. This is now required for offshore racing, but is not required for non-racers.

Many of the standard features include:

  • Vertical Construction eliminates leech seam failure
  • Block patches for maximum patch density
  • V-138 thread both in seaming and patching
  • Heavy duty leech and foot lines
  • Neil Pryde Tradewinds Specification as standard
  • Heavy Duty sail bag

For those cruisers set up with out an inner forestay or a removable forestay, we offer the Tempest Storm Jib, which is designed to set around your furled genoa in a safe and reliable way. The Tempest is built to our same finishing specifications as our regular storm jibs.

PDF Specification Guides for Storm Sails: pdfOverview112.88 KB, pdfTrysails56.87 KB, pdfStorm Jib57.39 KB, and pdfTempest Storm Jib68.98 KB