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Inshore Sails Overview

Our Inshore line is designed and built for day sailors, dinghies and other small craft. This includes everything from Optimists, Sabots, and Sunfish all the way up to O’Day 224’s. The sails are built with small boats in mind and day sailing as the primary goal. All finishing specifications are designed to match the needs of these goals; making for easy to handle sails but still encompass an attention to detail that you have come to expect from Neil Pryde sails.

Details include:

  • Cross-cut construction
  • Colors available
  • Triangular reinforcement patches
  • Plastic headboards with stainless steel liners
  • Conventional batten lengths
  • Luff and foot slides attached with webbing or shackles depending on application
  • Corner rings pressed stainless/composite rings
  • "Drop in" style batten pockets
  • All seams will have 1 row of 3-step stitching
  • Polyester Leechline
  • Tell-tales at each batten pocket
  • Sail bag

PDF Specification Guides for Inshore Sails: pdfOverview1.06 MB, pdfMainsails59.34 KB, and pdfHeadsails63.89 KB